Visual Studio 2022 Version 17.0 Launch Notes

Visual Studio 2022 Version

Visual Studio 2022 Version 17.0 Launch Notes Blogsdown load the cutting-edge made model of Visual Studio 2022.. For commands on putting in and updating Visual Studio 2022, see Update Visual Studio 2022 to the maximum current release. Also, see commands on how to installation offline.

Visit the web page to down load different Visual Studio 2022 products.What’s New in Visual Studio 2022 model 17.0Visual Studio 2022 version ReleasesDecember sixteen, 2021 — Visual Studio 2022 version December 14, 2021 — Visual Studio 2022 model 30, 2021 — Visual Studio 2022 model 17.0.2November sixteen, 2021 — Visual Studio 2022 version 08, 2021 — Visual Studio 2022 version Studio 2022 Blog

The Visual Studio 2022 Blog is the legitimate supply of product insight from the Visual Studio Engineering Team. You can locate in-depth information approximately the Visual Studio 2022 releases inside the following posts:Visual Studio 2022 version 17.0 is Available Today!Visual Studio 2022 model 17.0.four

released December sixteen, 2021Issues Addressed on this release of 17.0.fourAdds Xcode thirteen.2 Support.Visual Studio 2022 model 17.0.three

released December 14, 2021Issues Addressed in this release of 17.0.3Bidirectional text manage individual rendering

Visual Studio 2022 Version

To save you a doubtlessly malicious take advantage of that allows code to be misrepresented, the Visual Studio editor will no longer allow bidirectional textual content manipulate characters to control the order of characters at the editing floor. A new option will cause those bidirectional textual content manipulate characters to be proven with placeholders. The bidirectional textual content manipulate characters will still be present in the code as this behavior most effective impacts what is rendered within the code editor.

This capability is managed in Tools\Options. Under the Text Editor\General web page there is an alternative for “Show bidirectional text manipulate characters”, to be able to be checked by means of default. When checked, all bidirectional textual content manage characters can be rendered as placeholders. Unchecking the choice will revert to the previous conduct in which these characters are not rendered.

A Unicode individual is taken into consideration a bidirectional textual content manipulate person if it falls into any of the following levels: U+061c, U+200e-U+200f, U+202a-U+202e, U+2066-U+2069.Fixed a crash inside the Web Forms DesignerFixed an trouble in which CSS finishing touch for !vital would insert textual content at the incorrect location in HTML or Razor documents.Fixed a regression with Xamarin.Forms XAML Hot Reload conflicting with libraries that shared comparable dependencies, along with SignalR. Xamarin.Forms XAML Hot Reload should now be able to interoperate irrespective of what’s loaded in your application.Fixed an problem in which Project Overview Pages, Diagnostic Tools or Performance Profiler home windows would from time to time be clean.Fixed an issue in razor file enhancing where the cursor could occasionally jump to a different area mid-typing.

Developer Community has a complete list of fixes available in 17.0.Bug in Visual studio 2022 + Xamarin + SignalR (approach now not located)HtmlLanguageClient: HtmlLanguageClient failed to initialize. Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2022 Preview (sixty four-bit) Version Preview 5.zeroStrange things happens in css modifying in a .razor document (Blazor)In a blazor web page (*.razor) adding semi-colon to c# line of code reasons cursor to leapSecurity Advisory notice

CVE-2021-43877 .NET VulnerabilityAn elevation of privilege vulnerability exists in ANCM which can allow elevation of privilege when .NET middle, .NET 5 and .NET 6 programs are hosted inside IIS.

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CVE-2021-42574 Bidirectional Text VulnerabilityBidirectional text control characters may be used to purpose code to be rendered inside the editor otherwise from what’s contained on disk.Visual Studio 2022 version 17.0.2

launched November 30, 2021Issues Addressed in this release of for silent-terrible codegen with memmove-like operations with overlapping recordsAdded messaging inside the output Window that appears while using C++ Modules or Header Units. This contains presently acknowledged troubles the usage of Modules or Header Units with IntelliSense.Fix problem with CMake Overview Pages and CMakeSettings editor being caught on “Waiting for IntelliSense to complete initializing…”Corrected an issue in which a templated destructor worried in a class hierarchy with information member initializers can be instantiated too early, potentially leading to wrong diagnostics approximately uses of undefined types or different mistakes.Added Python three.nine.7 to Python workload. Removed Python 3.7.8 because of a protection vulnerability.Fixed an trouble wherein the Find Next (F3) and Find Next Selected (Ctrl+F3) could occasionally bounce to the primary prevalence inside the file instead of the next prevalence.Resolve trouble where dates in version manipulate user interfaces were now not respecting the purchaser’s running system locale.Address an difficulty on Windows 11 where clients set the Windows Terminal as default and the debugger can not prevent debugging a console app nicely and prevent destiny starts.

Developer Community has a full listing of fixes to be had in is impossible to search on choice if a part of a single row is selected Visual Studio 2022Blazor C# finishing touch can every so often display wrong statisticsPackageId:AndroidImage_x86_API25_Private;PackageAction:Install;ReturnCode:3;Ctrl-F3 every now and then jumps to pinnacle of recordCtrl-f3 has modified conduct from visual studio 2019 to visible studio 2022Visual Studio 2022 Test Explorer usually showing take a look at as “Not Run”Intellisense in blazor razor additivesVisual Studio 2022 show incorrect add/delete icons in supply manipulate treeVS 2022 IntelliSense is taking a while or wont even come up in some situations.Intellisense in Razor documents (.cshtml) remains now not working in VS 2022Visual Studio 2022 model 17.0.1

released November 16, 2021Issues Addressed on this release of 17.0.1Fixed a crash while using batch builds.Fixed a crash while launching Xamarin.Forms projects with XAML Hot Reload enabled.

Developer Community has a full list of fixes available in 17.0.Visual Studio 2022 profiler does no longer deliver any records about profiled codePerformance Profiler .diagsession View Freezes on Pane ResizeVisual Studio 2022 version

released November 08, 2021Summary of What’s New on this Release of Visual Studio 2022 version

64-bitdevenv.exe is now sixty four-bit only

Azure Cloud ServicesNew Azure Cloud Service (classic) initiatives aren’t supported because of being deprecated in Azure for brand spanking new clients.Azure Cloud Service (prolonged assist) projects are the recommended replacement.Existing Azure Cloud Service (classic) initiatives may be opened and are fully supported.

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